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Tactical Knife
RCT = Realistic Combat Training

RCT is a 9 week course (80) hours. This course is military style training, extremely demanding but highly rewarding.

Course includes: Multiple armed opponent defense, tactical public safety, fixed blade offense and defense, and hand to hand combat and defense strategies, physical fitness is provided by our resident Navy SEAL.

Classes are taught by a Martial Arts master (Instructor L) and a Navy SEAL of over 12 years (Instructor H). Guest instructors include law enforcement experts and other real world professionals from Martial arts, law enforcement and Special Operations Warfare.

These classes will include physical and mental training to prepare you to win. If you are current Law enforcement, or just a citizen for good... You need this class to improve your safety.

. This course includes all gear, training weapons and instructor costs. How can afford NOT to sign up?

Class size is limited to 24 students.

You must arrainge training in advance, as a backround check is required (LE exempt).
Classes formed as needed
What some of our students had to say about RCT;

A. Walsh
  AGE-39 /Occupation-Teacher (No prior training) had this to say;
"RCT was extremely valuable to me and is  a public service. Very few instructors have the fighting AND teaching abilities you've shown us. When you teach it people feel relaxed and are able to easily learn".
F. Craig  AGE) 54 / Occupation-Sales rep, (No prior training) had this to say;
"The entire RCT experience was very rewarding physically and mentally. It has been a long time since I have been in this good of shape as I am now. I have a HUGE sense of accomplishment having completed this course. The day spent with the SEALs doing small boat training drills was life changing for me".
J.C. Macklis AGE-31-Occupation International Rep Highly trained PSD had this to say;
"I can say that I have finally found a school to teach me the proper fighting form. The instructors have so much knowledge and real life experience. The teaching methods are excellent. I'm hooked. Working with a Navy SEAL is an amazing experience".

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