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Mr Marc Lambert

Mr. Marc Lambert
5th Degree Black Belt TANG SOO DO
1st Degree Black Belt TAE KWON DO
1st Degree Black Belt AIKIDO
1st Degree Red Belt CHUN KUK DO

Master Instructor / Weapons expert / Hand to Hand combat expert
Graduate of SPECWAROPS, Specialty-fixed blade combat

Available for Police, Military and Instructional development by appointment only. 

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Navy SEAL Ian H.
Ian was assigned to SEAL Teams 1, and 7. He was an instructor for 4 years at BUD/S and an actively deployed SEAL for 8 years including tours of Afghanistan and Iraq.
He is a dedicated quiet professional and a tactical expert if every way imaginable...We owe him a great debt for his service to our country.

The difference between sports and warfare? Second place is dead....